Surf Rescue

Surf Rescue

The Kracka Rescue Board is high performance rescue craft designed to be user friendly but perform at the highest level in the event of a surf rescue situation. The board is out of our Professional Lifeguard series and has been tested for quite some years by full time Lifeguards around Australia.

Manufactured in our unique Foam Sandwich Construction our Rescue boards are super strong while only weighing under 9.5kg. The boards are painted in polyurethane paint which gives a durable but non fading finish.

Kracka now has two current models approved by SLSA.  

SR2 – Approved by Surf Life Saving Australia in 2009. This is our standard size Surf Rescue board and is the board you see on beaches Australia Wide as well as in some overseas countries including Japan and USA.

SR3 – Approved by Surf Life Saving Australia in 2013. This is our larger Surf Rescue Board. This board was developed in consultation with the Lifeguards from Waverley Council’s Bondi Beach as seen in the hit TV series “Bondi Rescue”. The board is much wider than our standard rescue board and was designed to complete mass rescues of more than one person at any time. This board has a user friendly rocker and larger volume for mass rescue situations and offers more stability.