Order Online

How to Order Your Board

Step 1

Download and complete the applicable order form from the Website, or fill out the applicable Online Order Form .

Please fill out all sections of the order form.
If you think that your weight and height will vary greatly between now and when your board will be ready, then you may leave that section blank. This can be updated a bit closer to when your board will be ready.

Step 1a (Skip if you have used an Online Order Form )

If downloaded, send the completed order form through to our office either via:-
Email: enquiry@krackasurfcraft.com.au
Post: Kracka Racing Surfcraf., 3/36 Kalaroo Road, Redhead NSW 2290
Fax: 02 49426199

Step 3 – Artwork

If you know your artwork please send it through with your completed order form, if you do not have your artwork worked out at the time of placing your order, please just forward the artwork to us at a later date. We would appreciate your artwork as soon as possible to avoid delays when we get up to your board.

To assist you with ideas for your artwork, we have many board photos in our gallery. These are actual photos of boards that we have already done for customers. You may like to change the colours or designs slightly to make it your own, or we can do exactly as the board is shown in the gallery.

You are also welcome to create your own artwork. In this regard, we provide an Artwork specification sheet which will print out with your Order form. Use this to draw up your own, or send us through a photo or picture of what you would like.

Please note that whilst we take all due care in replicating your chosen artwork choices, allowance must be made for our interpretation of your drawings/photos. This includes slight variations in colour shades and detail of the drawings and photos.

Surf Life Saving Australia recently introduced new guidelines which state that each new board manufactured after 1st December 2012, must have the first 10cm of the nose and tail, on the top and bottom of the board painted in a hi-vis colour. Be aware of this when choosing or designing your board artwork. Recommended hi-vis colours are red, yellow, green, orange and yellow.

Also beware that artwork either supplied or replicated off our web site may not be exactly the same each time. We will do our best to replicate the artwork as exact as possible but, the designs are painted free hand art and variances can occur.

We will not respray a board due to a minor variation to the supplied photo or artwork.

We assure you that all care is taken and we want you to be absolutely happy with your board however a certain tolerance is needed in this regard.

All artwork chosen is additional to our Board price and quotations can be given once your artwork is submitted.

Step 4

Our office staff will send you a confirmation that your order has been received. Included in the confirmation, will be details of when your order will be due and a deposit invoice.

The due date supplied is an indicative date only. You must understand that due to problems with staffing and or machinery we sometimes fall behind in our production. We will not accept abuse from customers due to the board not being ready right on the date supplied. We do not guarantee the indicative date and will not be responsible for having boards ready for particular events before or after the indicative dates given for completion of your board. If you are not happy with the indicative date supplied at the time of your order, you will need to make us aware of this straight away so we can discuss your due date with you. We will consider special requests as best we can, however cannot guarantee specific dates.

Deposit’s required are outlined below:-

Once we receive your Order we will send you a confirmatory which will include our deposit invoice.

Payment options are as follows:-

  1. Direct credit to our account – Our Bank account details are noted on the invoice so payment can be made directly to our account. Please include your invoice number in the details of your payment so we know that the funds apply to you. It is also recommended that you let us know the date that the money was placed to our account to assist with our records.
  2. Cheque or Money Order – We accept personal cheques or Money Order for payment of your board. This can be posted to us at 3/36 Kalaroo Road Redhead NSW 2290.
  3. Credit Card or EFTPOS – We accept Mastercard, Bankcard or Visa Card for payment of accounts. Please note that a 1.5% surcharge will apply for payments made on Credit cards and 1% Surcharge on all Debit Card transactions.

Deposits will need to be received within 6 weeks of placing your order. We will follow up non- payment of deposits once only, then if still not received within a further 2 weeks, your order may be cancelled, or other orders that have paid their deposit will be placed ahead.

If you cancel your order within 6 weeks of your indicative due date, we reserve the right to retain your deposit in full.

Step 6

Around 8 weeks before your board is due, please contact our office to update any final details such as current weight, height, and to confirm your board size. You will also need to advise of your handle placement requirements, any specific growth requirements, special requests, changes to your artwork etc. If we do not hear from you, our office staff will contact you, however your call would be appreciated as our office staff have many calls to make.

Step 7

We will issue you with our final invoice once all details have been confirmed including artwork, delivery, accessories etc.

Step 8

Once your board is nearing completion we will ask that payment arrangements be made. No board will leave our factory unless full payment has been made. Please do not ask us to release a board pending payment from a Club, sponsor or any other source. The answer will be no.