Life Guard


Kracka Lifeguard boards are used by some of the largest council’s in Australia. All of our boards are designed and hand tailored to suit your personal requirements.

The Kracka Lifeguard board is a high performance craft weighing between 9 kg – 9.5 kg depending on the accessories. The board has been developed to meet today’s requirements of a lighter and faster board necessary for emergency rescue situations.

The board’s light weight is extremely important to meet workplace Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

Boards are made of Epoxy Resin Sandwich Foam construction. The Kracka designed board comes in 3 sizes, however customised shapes are also available. Options available on our Lifeguard Board are spaced handles to full-length handles, including spec handle spacing and number of handles, standard kneepads to full deck grip.

All Kracka boards are made to comply with Surf Lifesaving Australia specifications.