Kracka Team Sponsorship Applications

Applications are now open for our Kracka Team Riders for 2018/2019

We are looking for athletes to join and to re-join our 2018/2019 Team riders.

Athletes must be aged 15 years and up (or at a minimum going into Under 15 age group this season) and must preferably have already chosen to ride our boards for at least 1 year before applying.

We believe that to be on our Team, you need to know and love our boards already so we like to choose those that are already part of our Kracka Family!

Athletes will need to have a willingness to promote our boards , both on Social free citation generator media and during face to face dealings in order to help with our board sales.

Athletes should also have some high level individual State and Australian results before applying.

Applications will be open during July and August as advertised on the Website and our Social Media

Limited places will apply.

Applications for 2018/2019 season have now closed.