08/04/2012 12:01 pm

We are very pleased to announce that Kracka have been chosen by Queensland Surf Lifesaving to be their preferred board supplier for the 2012/2013 season.

This is a wonderful acknowledgement for Kracka, being a NSW Based Manufacturer, and will bring us the opportunity to work with Queensland Surf Lifesaving to further increase the presence of our Rescue Boards, Lifeguard Boards and Paddleboards on Queensland Beaches.

If you are a Queensland Club, we have special discounts for bulk purchases of boards (as we do with our NSW Clubs) so please contact us to find out prices and information about our boards.

Our current Surf Rescue Board, was developed by Kracka in order to update the old style Rescue boards used for many years. Our model was tested for over 12 months by SLSA who then approved the board as a new model for production in 2008.

The Kracka designed Rescue Board is a lighter craft which is more like a race board and is easily picked up and used by any Lifeguard on the beach.

We currently have stock of our Rescue Boards for immediate sale @ $1450 (including GST)

Additional discounts do apply for orders of 5 or more boards